We believe that creativity is what gives life meaning and that it empowers people to envision new possibilities for themselves and their community.

Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre has had a longtime mission and history dedicated to taking an active role in the community through programs that inspire creativity in people’s lives and provide access to artistic expression.

The company engages in community-based projects to provide creative, cultural, civic and educational opportunities through training, workshops, school residencies and performances that build new and diverse connections to the residents of the community.

We are interested in blurring the distinctions between art and life, allowing the possibility for them to be one in the same as they merge through an engaged, participatory creative process that brings together artists and community members in a shared experience.

We are continuously exploring and cultivating approaches in our work that make a contribution to the community in which we are working by initiating innovative ways to interact and engage with people and offering creative participation. Through this process, we want to create opportunities for a dialogue and deeper connection with the general public about subjects we believe are meaningful to all of us. By offering creative experiences to people that otherwise may not have those opportunities, or those who have not endeavored to explore them, we hope to invite a space for reflection, inquiry, inspiration, surprise, and conversation.

Since 1990, Artistic Director, Andrea Ariel has presented over 50 new works and hosted numerous programs, workshops and residencies for people of all ages and abilities. She is a four-time Austin Chronicle People’s Choice winner and three-time Austin Critics Table award winner and is dedicated to having an active role in the community through projects and programs that inspire creativity and access to the arts.

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