ARTSPLUS, arts-in-education program

Each year AADT brings creative expression and learning through dance, music, and improvisation to youth across Austin, TX and beyond. This program is designed to foster the expressive capacities of students. Dance is unique in that the body, mind, and spirit are engaged in a total personal expression and communication of the self. Students discover a great deal about their body, mind, language, thoughts, imagination and ideas. They learn what their body can do, how they are put together, what strength and energy they have. A specific program is designed by working closely with the needs and goals of principals, teachers, and/or community program directors. Classes of any level or age group can participate in the program.

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In conjunction with a performance of SOUNDPAINTING or standing alone, these workshops will introduce your students to the sign language system of conducted improvisation called Soundpainting. Working as a team or as an orchestra, students will learn to explore themes and create performance landscapes by improvising and collaborating within a tightly structured system.

Soundpainting language is accessible to all students, from preschoolers to collegians to those with special needs. By engaging multiple learning styles (verbal, visual, aural, and kinesthetic) for exploring creativity, Soundpainting breaks through boundaries, tapping into reservoirs of skills and expression that help students better understand themselves and the world in which they live while learning and exploring the art forms of dance, theater and music. For ALL levels.



On Site! Let’s Make a Dance!

As we introduce aesthetic and physical concepts of dance and creative movement we will bring focus toward learning about choreography and composition to create a dance that will be performed.

As students gain an understanding of dance concepts and develop individual movement vocabularies they will be given structures to compose a dance with their creations. Movement vocabulary is also taught to enhance the advancement of skills such as perception (eye to muscle coordination), movement qualities and dynamics, spatial relationships, performance, group interaction and communication, and memory. Skill achievement confidence is enhanced through the repetition and rehearsal of a dance that the students have engaged in the creation of.

This program is for ALL levels and ages, and can include a special focus for at-risk youth and adults in recovery programs. Working closely with the artistic director, Andrea Ariel, unique programs are designed to meet the specific need of the presenter’s community, business or school. This residency can be created in connection with a new work that is being developed by the company.


The Self-Portrait Project

• for Youth or Adults
Recovery Programs

This three to twelve-week program explores creative writing, abstract art concepts through drawing and painting, and creative movement to inspire ongoing, individual life structures for creative expression. The program utilizes concepts drawn from the cubist art movement, which was born in a search for opening doors to creativity through the discovery of a new reality or perspective. Concerned with the “essence” of things and their underlying structure, cubists looked at objects not from one side but from above, below and behind. Using these concepts, students/participants will dig in to find images, symbols and create writings that lead to self-portrait paintings and dances, culminating with the group creation of a collage movement painting.