In 2013, Artistic Director, Andrea Ariel, invited four Austin choreographers and the community, through Act of Heart, a free workshop series, to CREATE and DIALOGUE around the question “What does it mean to live with heart?” culminating in performances of new works at the Rollins Theater and Act of Heart: a movement action with community members, on the Long Center lawn at Austin’s Auditorium Shores.

The premiere of One Heart, presented as part of HEART and choreographed by Andrea Ariel, initiated a new collaboration featuring the original compositions of Austin’s line upon line percussion, performed by dancers Alyson Dolan, Amy Myers and Christine Wong.

HEART spotlighted an array of music compositions by award-winning Composer, Graham Reynolds for new works by Sharon Marroquin and Steve Ochoa. The performance also presented Resonance, created and performed by Heloise Gold with percussionist Nick Hennies, and a Loie Fuller adaptation of Fire Dance (1896) reconstructed and performed by Jessica Lindberg Coxe.

HEART aimed to create a dialogue about how humans share the world with one another. The performances explored the many facets and dimensions of the human heart, from the vitality of life to the connections we make with each other, our communities, and the planet.

To celebrate and raise awareness, Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre donated 10% of each ticket purchased to the American Heart Association.

Production design by Stephen Pruitt. Photography by Caroline Mowry.

Press Quotes

Press Quotes

“This program of five choreographers riffing on ‘Heart’ pulled me in and provoked me to deeper exploration” 
— Jonelle Seitz, Austin Chronicle

“The collaborative nature of “Heart” highlighted the metaphorical nature of the human heart: Multiple feelings, one organ.” — Claire Christine Spera



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