Light. Sound. Movement.

A site-specific performance featuring a live, original sound score by line upon line percussion 

Premiere: April 21-24, 2016.

323 Congress Avenue –  in the historic McKean-Eilers building in downtown Austin.

LUMEN features a live, original music score by line upon line percussion created in a collaboration with Artistic Director and Choreographer, Andrea Ariel with dancers Alyson Dolan, Nathan Brumbaugh and Lisa Del Rosario. It was performed within a site-specific installation design of light and space by Stephen Pruitt, making it’s premiere in the historic McKean-Eilers building in downtown Austin, April 21, 2016.

LUMEN received five nominations and a specially created award from the Austin Critics Table!

Illusory Impressions and Lumen, “Site for Sore Eyes and Ears Award” – For your invigorating collaborations of dance and music in site-specific performance. 


Press Quotes

“The site-specific dance inspired by Dan Flavin’s art evoked pure wonder and worked as a study of threes.”


“The working parts were strikingly precise: The sand stopped rushing, the fans ceased blowing, and all six reached their mapped points in space at what seemed like the perfect time.”


(the work) … was invigorated and invigorating, having an aura of equal parts midcentury jazz club and digital-age maker studio.” Jonelle Seitz, Austin Chronicle


Audience Quotes

“Engaging-it felt like it was breathing”


“I traveled through many emotions of love, chaos, peace, tranquility. I love how the musicians became a part of the movement beyond sound.”


“Brought to mind a poem by Mary Oliver-The Buddha’s Last Instruction. Yogic flow, beautiful. Loved the interplay of dances and musicians. Very impressed. Thank you! Sound and light – what else is there?”


“I loved the space. It was instantly gratifying to be in the open room and absorb the sights and sounds of the performance. The focus of the performers was impressive, their sustained intensity kept me riveted. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you cast and crew!”


“Super great, I loved the space and the transformative nature of the media. It makes me so happy to see an artist such as Andrea to actively realize her unique vision. Captivating! Thank you!”


“Clay rained upon drying in the crackling sun. Tremors. Starlight. Fraction.” “Multi-dimensional – visually and aurally stunning.”


“Very calm and stress free. Positive experience that cleared my mind.”


“Full of emotion and anticipation, original, tantalizing. It was an amazing production.”


“Wonderful. Loved the collaboration! Can’t wait to see more.”


“This show was amazing and beautiful! Please do this show again so more people can see it. I’m there!”


Photo Gallery Links

2016 DRESS REHEARSAL PERFORMANCE, Part I by Steve Rogers Photography


2016 DRESS REHEARSAL PERFORMANCE, Part 2 by Steve Rogers Photography


Video Gallery


Artistic Direction and Choreography by Andrea Ariel created with dancers Nathan Brumbaugh, Alyson Dolan, and Lisa Del Rosario  |  Original Sound Score line upon line percussion | Lighting and Space Design by Stephen Pruitt  | Video by Colin Lowry and Eric Graham | Steve Rogers Photography


Thank you to our 2016 Supporters!

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.


Inspired by the work of minimalist artist Dan Flavin, LUMEN invites audiences into an exploration of perception through dynamic contrasts and changing perspectives between movement, sound and light to create an inimitable performing arts experience.

After discussions to collaborate with Matthew Teodori and line upon line percussion over the last two years, inspiration arose for Ariel after a visit to the Dan Flavin installation at the The Menil. “I was completely inspired by the interplay of light and color with this large open space, and how my perception changed as I viewed it from different vantage points. I imagined how I might explore the characteristics of light and space through movement and sound and create a dynamic relationship between all four elements in a unified sensory experience of perception.”

Lighting designer, Stephen Pruitt, in collaboration with Ariel and Teodori settled on the core idea of creating a site-specific installation in a non-traditional performance space using LED and florescent light to sculpt an environment that interacts with the choreography, as well as the dancers and musicians performing together in various configurations within the space. Aiming to create a truly immersive experience for all, audience members are  invited to view from different vantage points surrounding the performance.

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