Soundpainting is a live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancers, and visual artists working in the medium of structured improvisation. At present the language comprises over 1200 gestures that are signed by 
the composer/conductor indicating the type of improvisation desired of the performers. Soundpainting is a sculpting tool. It allows a conductor to shape group improvisations in real time. It was created in 1970 by composer Walter Thompson and the Walter Thompson Orchestra (W.T.O.), and is now practiced widely across Europe in both professional and educational circles. Read more about it at

Andrea Ariel has worked with creator Walter Thompson since 1998 and is a Certified Multi-disciplinary Level 2 Soundpainter and Educator. As a designated Austin Creative Ambassador in 2014, Andrea attended the International Soundpainting Think Tank in Girona, Spain to work with 55 fellow Soundpainters from around the world.  She recently returned from the advanced Think Tank in Milan, Italy.  AADT is the only artistic group in this region practicing this unique art form.

Austin Soundpainting Workshops return in February! 

More info coming soon.

Austin Soundpainting Collective 


If you are interested in playing and performing using structured improvisation with composed material, we invite you to join us this spring for the development and launching of the Austin Soundpainting Collective.

Soundpainting is a one-of-a-kind, innovative approach to improvised performance and composition with a multi-disciplinary ensemble.  Andrea Ariel, Certified Soundpainter and Educator, will lead artists to learn the first level of Soundpainting gestures and explore them in a series of Soundpainting compositions by the end of each session.

Artists who become fluent in the language of Soundpainting will have an opportunity to perform as part of the Austin Soundpainting Collective. The collective aims to serve as an incubator for cross-disciplinary collaboration leading to performances, educational residencies and community workshops in Austin and beyond. We are looking for Austin artists to join us!

With the creative ensemble of The Bowie Project, we have been working with Soundpainting for three years. We are forming the Austin Soundpainting Collective to continue to develop new work, explore and experiment with the language, and invite Austin artists to join us.  Founding members include Adam Sultan, Andy Nolte, Claude McCan, Rey Arteaga, Alån De León Uribe, John Nelson, Alyson Dolan, Steve Ochoa, and Garry Franklin.

Soundpainting in Education

Soundpainting language is accessible to all students, from preschoolers to collegians to those with special needs. By engaging multiple learning styles (verbal, visual, aural, and kinesthetic) for exploring creativity, Soundpainting breaks through boundaries, tapping into reservoirs of skills and expression that help students better understand themselves and the world in which they live while learning and exploring the art forms of dance, theater and music.

For information about hosting a workshop or performance please contact Andrea Ariel here. 




09/30/2014 |
Creative Ambassador: Andrea Ariel

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